Singing Program for Grown Ups

Growing The Voices: Festival 500 is built on the well-documented scientific finding that “singing is a developmental skill”. But what does that mean? It means, you can learn to do it. At any age. Promise.

Many people have had a negative experience where they were led to believe they “couldn’t sing”. We know there’s a myth about singing being a “gift” only given to some. But in fact, singing is something all humans are capable of developing. Singing is an extension of our speaking voice. If you can speak, then we can lead you to your singing-self too.

The foundational class of our Singing Program for Grown-ups is a 7-week course – So You Always Wanted to Sing. First developed more than 20 years ago by our Founder Dr. Susan Knight (see more about her in about us), this powerful course has seen hundreds of participants come through successfully. Find out more about our Singing Program for Grown-ups!

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Singing Birds

Course: So You Always Wanted to Sing

A program that will get you singing again OR for the very first time!

A fun, uplifting course designed for adults who would like to sing but haven’t sung for a while or feel that they can’t sing. Did you know that humans are designed to sing and that singing is skill that can be developed? It is actually a myth that you are born with the talent to sing or not. Here, you will find your singing self and grow it from that point forward. Our expert facilitators  – musicians especially trained in adult singing discovery & recovery – will guide you through a program of singing development with group and individual lessons. Folks report they are transformed by this program. Make a positive change in your life – start singing!

Course: 2 hr evening session for 7 weeks

Location: MUN School of Music, 7:30-9:30pm, Thursday evenings

Next offering: September 21st- November 2nd, 2017

Cost: $300

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