How Singing Changed My Life


We’re all about spreading the joy of singing all over the planet. You’ll see there’s a lot of happiness in the images on our site. Meet some of our participants whose lives have been changed through singing!!!

Shirley Facey

Shirley is a confident woman who can do just about anything. But ever since she was a little girl, she believed she "couldn't" sing. Soon after starting the course So You Always Wanted to Sing, Shirley realized she just hadn't been taught. Within 7 weeks, her whole world changed. Watch Shirley's story!

"I was shaking with fear the first night of the course. You have changed the way I think. I never sang a note in about 40 years and now I'm unstoppable. I had no idea your course So You Always Wanted to Sing could change my life so profoundly." - Shirley

Michelle & Paul Taylor

These two love-birds were looking for a fun date night idea and decided to take the 7-week singing course So You Always Wanted To Sing. They had no idea they would love it this much! Watch Michelle and Paul's story!

"THANK-YOU! This course was the best date night ever. We learned so much about singing and we did it together! I'm so happy we decided to take the course So You Always Wanted to Sing!"

Jack Eastwood

When Jack joined So You Always Wanted to Sing, he was certain he "couldn't" sing. Unfortunately, as a young boy, someone told him that he couldn't sing with the choir. It devastated him and that feeling of failure followed him for most of his life. UNTIL, he took this course. Watch how this man's life was transformed by learning to sing! Watch Jack's story!

"For the first time in my life, I got up and sang a song. I can say that without a doubt, and because of the support at the course, I found my voice." - Jack

Kim Saunders

Kim Saunders used to enjoy singing as a kid, but hasn’t found time for it in years. Find out what happened when she took the course – So You Always Wanted To Sing!

"I am OVER the MOON! This course confirmed that singing for me is like breathing. I have to do it, I love to do! And when singing with others, it becomes more spiritual than anything else I have experienced.WOWZA! what a feeling.” - Kim

Wayne and Virginia Halley

Wayne and Virginia always loved having music in their house. But they weren't sure if either of them could "carry a tune".  They joined So You Always Wanted to Sing to cross this off their bucket lists.  Watch Wayne and Virginia's story!

"We loved coming to the classes and learning to sing in such a positive environment. No one ever had to sing alone and we were all very supportive of each other. We were so impressed with the facilitators and how caring and helpful they were. This is the best thing you can do for your soul!" - Wayne & Virginia

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