Let’s Harmonize!

Imagine being someone who can spontaneously join in singing…in harmony.

Let’s Harmonize! is our newest singing program. And we’re really excited about it!

Can you think of a social gathering when all of a sudden people started singing together? And then you hear it. Someone is singing along…in harmony. Making the whole experience richer and more wonderful!

Imagine being that person…the one who can spontaneously join in…in harmony.

This program can make that dream a reality by giving you the knowledge, tricks and confidence to sing in harmony.

You will surprise yourself by how quickly you will learn new skills. They will serve you well in many settings: a kitchen party, jamming with friends, singing at church/events and joining a singing circle/group, Christmas caroling…and more.

Wherever singing happens you will be able to add to the depth of the experience and feel more connected!

The Course

Did you know that singing in harmony is a skill that can be learned? With this program you will build the skills and confidence you need to create harmony. It can be a profound experience. It is also a lot of fun!

Our expert facilitators are trained singers and musicians who have worked together with our founder, Dr. Susan Knight, to design this course for each group of participants.

Skills you’ll explore include:

–  Singing with ease and joy

  • Learn special breathing to support singing
  • Produce a singing tone that is strong and resonant
  • Lose any inhibition you might have about singing

– Singing in parts (the tune + 2nd part &/or 3rd part)

  • Find and keep your own part
  • Confidently join/keep a 2nd OR 3rd part to harmonize a tune
  • Most fun of all…learn to make up harmony as you go!

– Singing as a group

  • Find how to listen to each other while singing
  • Respond to signals to start and stop singing together
  • Produce a range of dynamics from soft through loud
  • Learn some great songs!

Taking Let’s Harmonize will give you six delightful weeks of learning and growing, as well as a way to enrich the rest of your life.

This program is a natural extension to our foundational singing program So You Always Wanted To Sing.

PROGRAM RE-LAUNCH – Winter/Spring 2023

The original launch of this program was March 11, 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID19, we had to cancel it, just as soon as it had started. We are thrilled to be able to re-launch it. We know you will love it.

To celebrate our re-launch we are offering our special launch price of $275 (regular price $325).

  • March 21 – April 25, 2023 (6 consecutive weeks)
  • Classes are on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Located in the MMAP gallery in the Arts & Culture Centre.
  • Special LAUNCH Price – $275, no tax
  • Includes tuition and materials


You can register online at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/lets-harmonize-registration-583847211727.There are no service fees. Or call us at 709-738-6013 to register by phone/questions. And of course, you can reach us by email at info@growingthevoicesfestival500.com if you have any questions.

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